Our Purpose

There are three (3) components to each Municipal Directory:

1. The directory pages are designed to inform and educate residents about their local municipal services and facilities: how to contact elected and appointed officials, posted schedules of meeting times, recreational areas and available programs for residents, community events, ordinances, tax information, voting polls and precincts, police, fire, and emergency services, and much more! All useful and necessary information that residents need to know about the place they own property, raise a family, work, worship, and spend their lives.

2. The municipal map is drawn to scale using various available data. It will include all current streets and roads color coded for easily recognized designation. A legend will illustrate all marked points of interest as all new developments and park and recreation areas are given special attention. A street index is included as well as a county locator map to show relationship within the county. Special areas that can be included are waterways, shopping and historical districts, zoning districts, zip codes, voting districts and polling locations, fire districts and emergency routes, and much more!

3. The area around the map features local businesses and professionals advertising their products and services. Their physical location is keyed into the map. Sponsoring businesses participate with their advertising dollars ---- therefore zero cost to the municipality with no tax dollars being used! This publication becomes an inexpensive promotional tool for businesses because it is mailed directly to all residents. And it continues to benefit sponsoring businesses because it is given to new residents and visitors when they are getting acquainted with the community.

The PRINT Directory and Map continues to be used for 3-5 years by local government entities as a valuable reference tool in their municipal offices.