Attention Business

Business Owner/Administrator/Marketing Director:

It's A Win - for residents! a Win - for local governments! and it's a Win - for you as a company doing business in your local community or in the global economy!

Here's the Who, What, When, Where ...

And the Why ... don't miss this opportunity for your company to participate in your local Municipal Directory/Map:

1) WHO - The publication is mailed to every resident and business in the municipality - every mailing address! It is also distributed from the municipal office to new residents and visitors - those inquiring about permits, directions, etc. for the next 3-5 years as well - what a long life for your business services and facility info!

2) MORE...WHO - Recipients appreciate that no taxpayer dollars are used to produce this valuable municipal information publication, but rather business sponsorships make it possible; therefore reinforcing the value of your support that engenders good will and loyalty throughout the community. Many citizens are joining "The Buy Local" movement. They are starting to remember that supporting local businesses improves our country's economy. Be a part of this movement - participate in your local PRINT/Municipal Directory so citizens know you exist as a local business interested in your local community --- The global economy starts here with the local economy!

3) AND MORE...WHO - We have found residents retain their Directory/Map for years and use it as a resource for municipal contacts, to locate local roads, to help them make buying decisions from local merchants and professionals, and more! It has proven to be a handy reference source to keep and refer to for local information - impossible to find anything else this detailed at the local level!

4) WHAT AND WHEN - The Directory/Map is full-color and printed on coated paper - beautiful and durable! It is only done every 3-5 years. Divide the cost by 5 years- yes, an inexpensive way to keep your information in front of the people that matter to you - to 1) your current customers to keep them coming back and 2) to potential customers that you want to be aware of your services and your facility location!

5) WHERE - Remember there are a limited number of spaces allocated on each Directory - when those are filled - it is done for the next 3-5 years. Your selection of a sponsor space is determined by how quickly you call or email the PRINT representative or call the municipal office right now! Don't delay - Call today - first come, first serve!

6) AND WHY AGAIN - Let's Do The Math - divide the price by the number of copies printed... that's just cents per piece and then divide that by 5 years - it's a deal! THE most inexpensive direct mail piece you can do and people save it and use it over and over as a reference source to their local municipal information !!!!!!!

Please refer to the showcase section of this website where you can see sample directories from municipalities across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Zoom in along the border of the map for size selection and sponsor location. Your PRINT Representative will assist you in location availability and copy content, color choices and formats.

We appreciate having a unique business like yours participating to prove to residents and visitors that a variety of businesses, professionals and local experiences exist right here in their local community to serve their needs.

Time is moving quickly to the deadline so your immediate attention is appreciated--- Call now for the best location on the map!

Thanks so much for your consideration.
Brenda Wilson

PRINT has been successfully publishing and distributing the Municipal Directory/Map for over 20 years.