Attention Municipality

Elected and Appointed Officials:

We work with you to distribute your valuable municipal information to your residents in a custom-designed professional full-color publication. We want to be a part of your resident communication system - please consider adding a PRINT Municipal Directory and Map to your quarterly newsletter and your website. Residents tell us they appreciate having a variety of municipal sources of information so they can be aware and informed about the place they live in order to make good choices for themselves, their property and their families.

We work in a step-by-step system with you until completion - we offer many suggestions and formats to help you with a design that is best suited for you to communicate with your residents. We have four (4) sizes of directory pages and two (2) sizes of map areas either in horizontal or vertical format for you to choose.

After we receive your agreement form, a decision for the size of your directory is determined and then it's time to get started!

First you will receive a checklist of items we need you to complete and return in order for us to organize your information to begin.

Step 1 - solicitation of sponsors. Local PRINT representative works with your suggested list and will contact businesses to gain their participation as a sponsoring advertiser. Businesses and professionals buy an advertising space around the border of the map - because cooperative advertising is how this publication is funded. Sponsoring businesses participate with their advertising dollars ---- therefore zero cost to the municipality - with no tax dollars being used!

Step 2 - map set-up for proofing. We will inquire about digital map files by your municipal engineer or by County GIS, thereby using a variety of sources for map data to develop a current, useful and resident-friendly map for you. We offer a large suggestion list of items/points of interest you may want to include on your map. You will receive at least three (3) proofs of the map by mail as we develop it to suit your needs. It will be in full color and in the size that it will be printed in your directory for each proof.

Step 3 - pages/photos set-up for proofing. It is your choice to decide municipal content and photos that you believe your residents will find useful. First, make a list to outline topics to include in your directory pages and decide photos that you will need to take to be included. We offer you an extensive list of ideas and suggestions. Secondly, we send you a pack of many other municipalities as samples because we have found that by looking at others helps you determine what you may want to include. All to start your creative juices flowing! You will receive at least two (2) proofs of your pages - they will be the size of your printed piece and in full color. The first proof will be done on a laser printer so the colors will be an exact match of the final printed pieces. You will receive your proofs by mail, make corrections and then return mail until all is satisfactory for printing.

Step 4 - distribution. We use a local mailing service to mail your PRINT Directory and Map publications to all addresses in your municipality. All mailing and shipping costs are included, also no cost to you. We accept your mailing list by email. Pieces to be mailed go directly to the mailing service from our print house and your extra copies for hand distribution are shipped directly to your municipal address. Laminated copies will be sent to each advertising sponsor and several to your municipal office as well.

DONE! Residents tell us all the time that they really appreciate you for providing this valuable municipal information to them. Many compliments and kudos will come into your municipal office - what a refreshing idea!!!